Software and Data

Capacity-approaching DNA storage
Navigating your genome through scientific studies
Ancestry and Imputation resources for Personal Genomes Project data.
Population wide catalog of human STR variation.
Web-based tracking tool for pipetting using a tablet.
Browser based application for viewing bam alignments
An ultra-large crowd-srouced dataset of demographic, genealogy, and basic phenotypes.
A catalog of sequencing results from healthy Ashkenazi Jews of known genes that are implicated in recessive disorders.
lobSTR is an algorithm for profiling short tandem repeats (STRs) from whole genome sequencing datasets.
shRoNA is an shRNA prediction tool. Currently, it is only accessible to CSHL members.
DNA Sudoku is a novel method to multiplex tens of thousands of specimens in a single next gen sequencing run. Here is a link to the DNA Sudoku website that contains some tools.
Alta-Cyclic is an Illumina Genome-Analyzer (Solexa) base caller that relies on machine learning approach to correct noisy reads. Here is a link to Alta-Cyclic website.