The Team

  • Yaniv Erlich
    Chief Science Officer, MyHeritage Associate Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University [Leave Of Absence]
    Adjunct Core Member, New York Genome Center
  • Dina Zielinski
    Staff scientist
  • Assaf (Gordy) Gordon
  • Jie Yuan
    PhD Student
  • Ryan Bernstein
    PhD Student (Rotation)

  • Melissa Gymrek
    PhD Student. Now: Assistant Professor, UCSD (directly from grad school).
  • Thomas Willems
    PhD Student. Now: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Sophie Zaaijer
    Post-doc. Now: CEO of PlayDNA and a Start-Up Post-doc at CornellTech.
  • Mary Wahl
    Visting post-doc. Now: Data scientist in Microsoft.
  • Eila Arich-Landkof
    Tech. Now at Gad Getz group at MGH.
  • Joanna Kaplanis
    Statistician. Now a PhD student in Sanger Instit ute
  • Barak Markus
    Post-doc - Now a computational biologist at the Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine, Weizmann Institute.
  • Perla I Villarreal
    URoP - Now an undergraduate in MIT
  • Pratheek Nagaraj
    URoP - Now an undergraduate in MIT
  • Michael Gershovits
    Programmer - Now a PhD Student in Tel-Aviv University
  • Mona Sheikh
    Post-doc - Now working on rare genetic diseases at Counsyl

  • The Erlich lab at ASHG 2015
  • The new Erlich lab T-shirts! (Whitehead Retreat 2013)
  • Erlich lab 2012